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5 & 1 Plan - $70 Monthly

Download: 5 Mbps
Upload: 1 Mbps

Enough for basic web browsing, and limited streaming on one device.

10 & 2 Plan - $90 Monthly

Download: 10 Mbps
Upload: 2 Mbps

Enough for web browsing and some higher quality streaming. Good for most single users.

15 & 3 Plan - $115 Monthly

Download: 15 Mbps
Upload: 3 Mbps

Enough for most streaming and limited gaming. Recommended minimum plan for multiple people.

20 & 4 Plan - $140 Monthly

Download: 20 Mbps
Upload: 4 Mbps

Better quality for households with multiple simultaneous internet users.

25 & 5 Plan - $165 Monthly

Download: 25 Mbps
Upload: 5 Mbps

Enough speed for most people, great for households with multiple simultaneous internet users.

Custom Package

Download: 25+ Mbps
Upload: 5+ Mbps

Do you need more speed than what our other packages provide? Get in touch with us to discuss a custom package.

Additional Information

A standard installation has a base fee of $165.

You can pay for your plan annually, and get 12 months of service for the cost of 11 months.

A router is required for service. You can use your existing router, buy one from a store, or lease/purchase one directly from us.

In some cases, additional work is required in order to make an install possible. If this is the case, all expenses will be discussed and agreed to beforehand.

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